Wedding Venue Wairarapa

You’ll Find It Hard to Choose Just One Wedding Venue in Wairarapa

When you choose Wellington Wedding Hire to assist with the most important day of your life, we will stop at nothing to find you the perfect wedding venue in Wairarapa.

Tips Regarding a Wairarapa Wedding Venue

Before you can start working on the finer details, you’ll need to make a firm decision about the size of your wedding. Many venues lend themselves beautifully to smaller, more intimate gatherings. In contrast, others are perfect for hosting a massive party where you can celebrate with all your friends and family, ensuring no one is left out.

  • Once you have a rough estimate of your guest numbers, you can start thinking about the ‘when’ and ‘where’. Autumn and winter weddings can have a delightful warmth and ambience, and some venues offer discounts for weddings in the cooler seasons.
  • If you have guests travelling from many different areas, you’ll need to make sure that your venue is not inaccessible in terms of overnight accommodation for many people, as lack of available lodging may put people off attending.
  • Find out what each venue offers and what they include in their costs. Some venues provide a basic package which may initially sound great but can get rather pricy once you start adding all the extras.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Wedding Catering In Wairarapa

An experienced wedding caterer will work closely with you to avoid any issues on the day. Our advice is to do your research and instead pay a little more for someone with a solid reputation and established business.

  • Try to avoid under-catering or catering for the exact number of guests who will be attending. There’s nothing worse than having guests go without food because there wasn’t enough. You’ll also find that some guests will often turn up without having RSVP’d at all.
  • You need to let your caterer know about your preferences from the start. They will appreciate you giving as much information as possible so that they can plan accordingly and cater for any guests who may have food allergies.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, don’t expect them to cater for every guest’s whim and latest eating fad – this will end up costing you more, and there’s likely to be food wasted.

It is vital that you are honest with your caterer about your budget. If you provide firm parameters from the start, they will work with the correct numbers from the outset, and you’ll avoid ending up with food costs that eat into other areas of your wedding budget.

The Importance of Wairarapa Wedding Photographers

Wedding Hire in Wairarapa is not only about the venue or the food. The photographer you choose is equally important.

  • Wedding Photographers in Wairarapa will be familiar with the venues in the area. They’ll know how to make the most of the light and the scenery so that you look as incredible as you feel.
  • You will be so caught up in the whirlwind of emotions that you are likely to miss many little parts of your day. A professional wedding photographer will capture all these magical moments for you to reminisce over, long after your wedding.
  • Wedding photographers will be unobtrusive and be able to get candid shots of you and your guests, as well as more formal shots.

Why You Should Use Wellington Wedding Hire

Our hospitality experience shines through in all aspects of the services we offer, ensuring that you get nothing but the best for your wedding.

We’d love to hear from you if you have questions about any of the services we offer and look forward to helping you realise the wedding of your dreams.